Base Map and Imagery Layers Table
Base Map Layers
Layer Transparency
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- +
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Aerial Imagery Layers
Layer Transparency
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Swipe Imagery Tool
Note: The Swipe Tool is active when the box is checked.

GIS Data Subscription

Additional layers are available for viewing and/or download with a GIS Data Subscription. GIS Data Subscriptions can be purchased for $40.00 per year at the CCGISC Store. Download layers are available in file geodatabase, shapefile, dxf, dwg, or dgn formats.
Layers available for download:
  • Street Centerlines
  • Tax Parcel Points
  • Tax Parcel Polygons
  • Lots
  • Subdivisions
  • Corporate Boundaries
  • Political Townships
  • School Districts
  • Community College Districts
  • Fire Districts
  • Library Districts
  • Township Library
  • Multi-Assessor District
  • County Zoning
  • County Board Districts (2010)
  • Drainage Districts
⚹ Tax parcel layers only include the parcel number attribute.

Layers available for view-only access:
  • School Districts
  • Census Tracts 2010
  • Census Block Groups 2010
  • Civil Townships
  • Survey Townships
  • TIF Districts
  • County Zoning
  • Flood Zones DFIRM 2013
  • Contours 2011 (2-foot)
  • USDA Soils
  • Address Labels
  • County Board Districts (2010)
  • County Board Districts (2000)
  • State Congressional District
  • State Representative District
For more information about obtaining a subscription or questions regarding any other geo-data layer not listed above please contact the GIS Consortium at 217-819-3555.


Search Tax Parcel and Location

Ex: Piatt County

Ex: 101 W Washington, Monticello, 61856

Search Map Location Only

Ex: S Independence St & E Main St
County Road Ex: N 500 East & E 1800 North

Identify Feature

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Drawing Text Options

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Measuring Tools

This map is only an approximation of real world geographic features.
Measurements taken from this map are not to be used for legal purposes.

Delete Graphics

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Printing Tools

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The swipe imagery layer will not print. To print a map with imagery, the layer must be turned on with the checkbox control under the Aerial Imagery Layers.

Upload Shapefile to Map

Note: Uploaded layers will honor the symbology set under the "Drawing Pen Options" in the Drawing Tools Panel
Shapefiles must be added as a .zip file containing the .shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj files. Visit the Shapefile Documentation for more information and limitations.